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Sambo in Clinton

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Take on Sambo with Mad Science Judo & Jiu-Jitsu

Developed as a holistic system for self-defense and combat sports, Sambo combines elements of judo, wrestling, and various striking techniques. It emphasizes throws, takedowns, ground control, and submissions for a well-rounded and effective approach.

Sambo practitioners learn to execute powerful throws and takedowns with a focus on practicality and efficiency. The groundwork includes pins, joint locks, and strangleholds, allowing dominance on the mat.

This martial art places a strong emphasis on versatility and adaptability. Unlike many disciplines, Sambo allows for a wide range of techniques, including strikes, sweeps, and leg locks, making it comprehensive for both self-defense and sport.

This martial art offers two distinct forms: sport and combat.

In sport, competitors score points through throws, takedowns, and pins, similar to judo or wrestling. Combat emphasizes practical self-defense, incorporating strikes for real-world scenarios.

More than just effective, Sambo thrives as a competitive sport. With a growing international presence, it boasts numerous competitions and dedicated organizations.

Combining elements of judo, wrestling, and striking, this versatile discipline creates a well-rounded system for self-defense, sport, and personal development. Whether your focus is competition or real-world skills, Sambo offers a valuable martial arts experience.

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