How to Make Space for a Home Jiu Jitsu Studio (by Charlene Roth)



See the article below written by Charlene Roth ( ) containing some considerations when it comes to setting up a training area in your home (see the attached pdf for the live reference links). 



How to Make Space for a Home Jiu Jitsu Studio


Jiu jitsu has made a name for itself as a martial art that’s highly beneficial for anyone involved, especially children ( Known for building strength, focus, discipline and patience, this sport is also perfect for families.


With many parts of the country still navigating pandemic restrictions, time in the jiu jitsu studio may not be an option. However, for families longing for a way to get back to training, there is a temporary solution, and one that could pay off in many other ways down the road: set up your own martial arts studio. While training is best under your regular instructors, having a home studio can function as a great training space for days when your family can’t get to the gym.


If the pandemic is keeping your kids from their regular martial arts lessons, it may be time to set up your own studio in your garage, basement, spare bedroom, or backyard. However, there are a few things to consider before you can start building — especially if you’ll need to alter the structure of your home to make space. For some tips on building and designing an in-home jiu jitsu studio for your family to enjoy, read on!


Things to Consider Before You Start Building

From an unfinished basement to a garage or spare bedroom in your home, there are plenty of places you could build an in-home martial arts studio, but it’s important to build the studio with your home’s value in mind.

● Even if you won’t need an appraisal any time soon, you’ll want to keep your home’s appraisal value in mind whenever you make upgrades to your home (

● The Federal Trade Commission offers tips on finding the right contractor for the job (

● By converting your garage into a multi-purpose room that could be used for martial arts, yoga, or even an office, you’ll appeal to future buyers if you choose to sell your home (

Tips on Choosing Flooring for Your New Martial Arts Studio

Once you’ve chosen a location for your studio and have decided whether you’ll hire a contractor, it’s time to consider your flooring options.

● Find the best type of flooring for your jiu jitsu studio (

● Learn how to properly clean your mats to protect against germs, slips, and falls (

Additional Resources

Before your family can start using their new jiu jitsu studio, you’ll need to make sure you have everything they need to train safely at home.

While training under a professional is always the ideal, sometimes you’ll need to practice at home, especially now with restrictions in place. Making space for an in-home jiu jitsu studio takes planning, but the benefits of building a safe place for your family to train in will be well worth it.

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